Thursday, February 28, 2008

happy death day

So, it's been two years since you began your new life way out yonder. I was really glad that I was sleeping when it was the exact moment of the anniversary (12:50 am) because I just simply wasn't in the mood to feel it.
I constanly wonder what it's like for you "up there". When you got there two years ago, was there a celebration for your arrival? What does it look like? Are you really living in a little white house on a hill with chickens in the yard like I saw in your dream? Did you have a lot of work to do once you got there... because you hadn't done that work here on Earth? Were you immediately greeted by Mammy and Pappy and when Brother Jack got there, did you guys have lunch? Are your teeth finally perfect and is your hair thick and luxurious as opposed to the lackluster mousy brown thin hair you had here? Does your spirit roam the moutains of Appalachia, zooming in and out of trees and sitting in on hootenannies led by old women from the hills who are wearing aprons and blowing into a jug on her front porch? When we see that bunny rabbit in our yard, is it really you? Is there a level system in heaven and if so, did you get to move up one level today? Are you watching your grandchildren grow up and bragging to everyone around you about how cute Hunter is or how smart Ronin is? Is the baby Michelle obsession your idea of a joke? Do you even have time to miss me as much as I miss you?

Happy Death Day Mama. I hope your journey is fabulous.